CIME will recruit about 100 young talents (18-40 years old) from Djibouti and East Africa every year. 30-50 outstanding representatives will be selected to attend training camps at CIME through the African Young Talents Program. Entrepreneurs will be cultivated through training and research in Djibouti and abroad. Selected startups will be incubated, and gradually transformed into more mature enterprises, driving local employment and economic development. The total training period is about 30 days and is divided into 2 stages in Djibouti and abroad(China). During the Djibouti phase, trainees will go through a 10-day training at CIME. During the phase abroad, the trainees will conduct research through field visits, innovation exchanges, roadshows in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou that have frequent economic, trade and cultural exchanges with Africa. CIME focuses on entrepreneurship areas such as international trade, logistics, digital tech, cross-border e-commerce, social innovation, and biotechnology, and invites well-known international mentors from governments, universities, financial institutions, and venture capitals to provide key support. The course modules are divided into theoretical modules and practical ones. Course modules include sustainable development in Africa, cross-border e-commerce, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, logistics and finance, team building and management, product design, operations and marketing, financing skills, basic finance and legal affairs, and leadership. CIME will hold roadshows and entrepreneurship competitions, select young entrepreneurs and provide seed funds. For the next step, CIME will also help young entrepreneurs to accurately link industry partners and other key resources. Providing seed funds to support entrepreneurship competitions and encourage trainees to start businesses; Helping accurately link entrepreneurs with industry partners and resources; Providing startups with further opportunities of investment; Offering  competitive  rental  price  for CIME co-working space ; Providing experience sharing and training activities.
Training Camp